Facts About Atlanta Christian College

Atlanta Christian College is a small, private college located ten miles south of downtown Atlanta.The 54 acre campus is situated on Ben Hill Road in East Point, Georgia. It is in the year 1937 when the college was founded and is affiliated with the Christian Church and the Churches of Christ. Only over 1,000 students is the current enrollment.

The college was originally devoted to the education of missionaries, ministers, and other related church fields. The school’s curriculum was broadened in 1990 to include majors such as counseling, business, early childhood education, history, humanities, music, English, and psychology as well as biblical studies. Atlanta Christian college confers Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees, as well as a Bachelor of Theology degree, which is a program which is for five years. In this college, an Associate of Arts degree in business is also awarded.  In addition to that, a baccalaureate program for three years is available for qualified students.

Atlanta Christian College has about six of intercollegiate athletic teams that play in Division II of the National Christian College Athletic Association. Currently, the college has teams that play men’s and women’s soccer, baseball, volleyball, and men’s and women’s basketball. The baseball team has already won the 2010 NCCAA Division II National Championship. Three additional sports programs have been planned for the fall 2011.  There will be men’s and women’s cross country and softball as well.  In the fall 2011, clubfootball is also slated to begin.

In the month of February for the year 2011, Atlanta Christian College announced a major move and expansion program. The campus currently has no room for growth because it is surrounded by residential property. The college has been looking for a suitable place to relocate over the past four years.  Atlanta Christian College will be officially changing its name in July 2011 to Point University.

In order to start the process, it is in West Point, Georgia where the main campus will be relocated which is a town one hour southwest of Atlanta. The move to a larger campus will allow an expansion of the athletics program, accommodate future growth in enrollment, and ensure that there is enough dorm space for future students.  The Christian university will continue to be offering an adult degree program on its current campus in East Point, as well as its program in Peachtree City, Georgia that will be serving adults and dual enrolled high school students.

The Atlanta Christian College will continue to provide its students an education that will prepare them for Christ-centered service and leadership. There is a global vision for ministry, and the college strives to be able to instill a sound Christian foundation that enables its graduates to have an effective Christian witness in the world.

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Going For Christian Colleges And Points to consider

It is important to make sure that you are looking at all of your options when you are getting ready to apply to Christian university. In this way, you will be assured to be able to find the best place for your education and it will be a place that you will not regret attending. One of the most important things to put into consideration is whether or not you are selecting a top rated school. There are many reasons for you to make sure that the school of your choice is a top rated one.This will ensure that it will look so much better on your resume than a low rated school would and you are going to receive the best education possible.

Just to name a few of the schools that might interest you, there is Bethel College, Evangel University, Wheaton College, Azusa Pacific University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Biola University and Judson College. Even if these are not of course all of the Christian colleges out there, they have certainly earned the recognition as some of the top Christian colleges.

Of course, when we talk about applying to some of these top rated colleges, the issue of money might pop into your head. Just how much do these Christian colleges would cost?  Before you even take a look at the cold hard facts when it comes to the tuition price, it is important to remember that there can be many ways you can help ensure that you can afford to go to the Christian college of your choice.  In order to help you make it through your college years, there are grants, scholarships and loans. You might even be surprised to learn that you will be eligible for financial aid.

You must be aware that the actual cost of attending a top rated Christian school will be dependent on the cost of that school and the degree you are planning on getting. There are in fact a lot of those things that will come into play when the final cost is figured out.  The financial office at the college will be able to walk you through when it comes to how much it is going to cost you. Will it be more than just a poorly rated standard college? For sure, it will be.  But the question that lies there should not be whether you can afford to attend a Christian college, but rather, can you afford not to?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration as what you can see. When you are considering college, it is important to make sure that you are researching each and every one and that you are looking over all of your options. This is the only way for you to make sure that you are going to get the education you deserve and you need.

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How To Search For the Right Christian College Scholarship

Do you dream to spend your college years at an institution which understands and values your faith in God?  Do you think that just because a private Christian college would cost mre expensively than that of a public or state college, it is out of your budget? Well, because of the many Christian college scholarships available today, that would not have to be the case.

Scholarships would no longer be just for the academic elite or the most athletic and even for the financially needy. There are literally thousands of scholarships available today for those who are about to enter or those who are already enrolled in college, including Christian college scholarships for students desiring a Christian education. Every year, a lot of scholarships, in fact, would go unawarded because no one applied for them.

The first step when you are applying for any scholarship is to file a FAFSA, or Federal Application For Student Aid. It would be during your senior year when you should file if you are still in high school. You will be able to file any time however, certain deadlines may apply sometimes.  For example, in California, the deadline to file the FAFSA which is to be considered for a CalGrant is March 2, so check with your school counselor for any deadlines that may affect your state. There are forms which are available from your high school or the college you are considering; they are also available online.

Once you have already completed the FAFSA, any colleges you have o your list on the form will be sent an ISIR or the Institutional Student Information Record. In turn, each college will send you a so-called SAR or the Student Aid Report. This will tell you what is available from that particular college and how much financial aid you are entitled to.  Christian colleges have a lot of their donors and alumni that are participating in scholarship aid for students who want to continue their education in a Christian environment, so the financial aid available is not just government aid; there is also private scholarship money specifically for each Christian university.

While you no longer have to be the best scholar or athlete for you to receive a scholarship, it would help you to get the very best grades you possibly can as well as to have some extracurricular activities on your record. Try study hard for the SAT as well as taking some advanced classes. You will be able to attend in youth groups or community service organizations, even join a school club. These will all look good on your school record as well as will show colleges that you can do more than just attend classes.

If your desire is to attend a Christian college as well as you believe that it is what God wants for you as well, don’t give up hope. There are about thousands of Christian college scholarships out there that are just waiting for you to apply.

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Would Accredited Online Christian Colleges Be Offering Values?

There are a whole group of the best accredited online christian colleges but you also have to know where you can find them.  First, many schools in the same league are represented by constituencies such as the commission on the schools or the American Association of Christian university and Seminary and the college of the Southern Association of Colleges.

Fully Accredited Christian College Found Online

A meaning of a collegiate quality, intentionally a Christ-Centered curriculum that has being selected to conjoin itself with an online program which is augmented by in Christ-centered judgments and an Arts and Sciences curriculum is the typical accredited christian college. These accredited Online College degree studies offer Bachelor, Associate, and Master Degrees allied with theoretical and learning development which is being grounded in Christ. Advantages and Benefits Virtual studies is ideal for those learners who has the kind of work schedules, schedule, or family responsibilities which are making it too hard to participate in classical on-campus collegiate studies.

Enrollment Online enables participants to have a stay-at-the home expedience while actively engaging in undergraduate education that is allied with Christian beliefs. Online Degree Christian institutions are making it possible for new or continuing education students to be able to go to school making use of contemporary technology.Completion of the degree will be able to help the graduate serve his or her family and community with accredited arts and sciences learning and Christian principles and beliefs as well.  Most of the Christian businesses are scouting for workers that have acted to conjoin a Christ centered education with a specific career.

So, What is The Difference between a Traditional On-Campus College and Online College?

Traditional campus schedules would be requiring the attendee to go for class at a schedule which is suitable for the teacher and the institution as well. These online Studies are offering the identical classes in a virtual classroom and a classroom schedule that is amenable to the student. In virtual classrooms, teacher, student, as well as other fellow students are permitted to dynamically have a discussion as a group -within the comfort of student’s own predetermined personalized space and within a personalized Christ-centered learning environment. At the convenience of the student, the virtual College Program also makes available individualized tutoring any hour of the day or night.

Students very frequently would want to know what type of career is at their feet when they will be studying at the right accredited online christian colleges. From a virtual Christian college, a wide range of career and job options are ready for graduates.  To name some examples of Professional career openings, they are Nursing, Education, Psychology, Technology, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice. Studies for specialized jobs in Medical Billing, Computer Graphic Design, Automotive Technology and Culinary Arts are also accessible. The fact there is that the ideal school would be encouraging the students to commit themselves to the Almighty, to grow their in faith, to interpret scholarly fields of intellectual concerns from a Christian perspective, and to develop traits of Christian character and service as well.

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You Can Enroll For College Education With A Christian College Scholarship

The cost of a college education is said to gone up dramatically over the course of the last generation or two.When it comes to sending your children through college, there has been an increase in the expenses that makes it very expensive. The costs are becoming almost overwhelming for more and more families, not just because the costs have gone up and up, but because there simply seems to be less money to go around with such current economic climate that we have.

In terms of paying for college, the trouble there is that the college admissions board will only look at the income of a family and not necessarily look at disposable income which would result to the paper figure showing that a family should be able to afford a college tuition fee, where as the reality is that a family may have many assets but may have little in the way of disposable income.  This would be particularly true since the economy dropped so dramatically, with many families really feeling the pressure.

However, there can be choices besides the simplistic question of whether or not your child can go to college.Scholarships are often making the difference between your being able to send your child to college or not. If you are in a Christian family, then you may find that you have even more options when it comes to scholarships than that of other families.

Christian scholarships are existing in order to ensure that more and more Christian families can send their children to college which is normally a Christian college. They can be provided from a number of various sources.  Churches will often devote funds to the cause of the further education of Christian children in their state. Or it can also be that rich Christian families will provide the funding for scholarships.

This incredible generosity that so often seems like insanity to the non-Christian world is more common place than many can believe which is central to the Christian faith is the idea that it is better to give than to receive.

These Christian scholarships usually have several requirements being attached to them, however, so there is more to successfully claiming a Christian scholarship than simply stating your faith. Typical requirements for a Christian scholarship would include the necessity of a Christian university one is being enrolled to. This does not really mean that the child has to study theology, but that the college be run by and designed for those with an active Christian faith.

In addition to this requirement, the Christian scholarship may also require at the least of some form of membership to a Christian church or regular attendance at a church local to the college. Additional activities such as mission or charity work can sometimes be included as a requirement for the Christian scholarship as well.  In most cases, the Christian student will cover these requirements because of their faith; the requirements exiting simply in order to safe guard the funding for Christians.

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